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Welcome to Healing Powers Reflexology


"Jennifer has a genuine, God-given gift! I've been to several reflexologists, and she surpasses them all."

Jody P.


"I highly recommend the vitaflex, sound and light therapy.  The combination far surpassed my expectation.  The vitaflex helped me recover from a respiratory issue very quickly.  I felt sound therapy sensations in my feet and other parts of my body.  The light therapy felt like a whole body hug.  The combination greatly improved my sleep, boosted my oxygen levels and helped ease my anxiety.  Wow - just wow!"

Stephanie M.

"I was diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma and had gone through a series of very painful shots in the nerve in my foot. After the shots didn't help the problem, I was told that I would have to have surgery to cut the nerve. I went to see Jennifer with so much pain I could hardly walk. I left after my first session without pain in my foot. I've been seeing her every week for a month now and have been able to go back to the gym and walk a mile with no pain. Jennifer completely changed my life!"

Joyce N.